Oak Road Channel Balustrade

Our very first Channel mount glass balustrade install stands proud enjoying it's new view!

'Brilliant product... Especially the new glass channel Rakaia system! Also the Aluminium slat balustrade currently being installed... 😉 💪🏼Love it!'

Project Specs

This Channel mounted glass balustrade was our very first official Channel Mount install. Owners can enjoy 180° views without obstruction due to the install of our Channel mount system, this not only allows clear views but also provides safety for it's users. The Channel mount system was chosen for the slimline aesthetics, which help the view to be even less obstructed as the channel is face mounted below the level of the flooring. Using mainly 1400mm wide by 1200mm high glass panels, this balustrade has a slimline handrail on top of the glass to comply with council regulations. The handrail is also designed to promote safety but also keep the view unobstructed.

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