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Introducing Aurora aluminium landscape fence panels, a revolutionary addition to architectural design. These panels redefine aesthetics with their contemporary allure, offering a sleek touch to any property. Crafted for durability and minimal maintenance, Aurora panels seamlessly integrate into diverse styles, from urban chic to suburban traditional. Their resilience against corrosion and weathering ensures enduring protection and security for residential and commercial spaces. From effortless installation to eco-conscious design, Aurora panels epitomise style, functionality, and sustainability in modern fencing solutions.

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Post Centers: 1980MM
Panel Hieghts:
1200, 1500, 1800mm
60 x 25mm 
Gaps Between Slats:
Varies between different panel designs. Download our catalogue for more information.
Colour Options:
Custom Colour options available

Panels Ingredients:
- 17 x 60x25mm Slats Cut to suit desired height.
- 17 x 60 x 25mm Slat end caps
- 2 x 1650 Oblique Channels with channel caps
- 76 Tek Screws per panel
‍- Posts: 60 x 60mm Mid posts 90 x 90mm Corner posts

Matching Hinged and Sliding gates available up to 6000mm wide.


Panel Design Options

Panel Design L47
Slat Spacing: 50mm
Permeability 47%
Panel Design L58S
Slat Spacing 62mm
Permeability 58%
Panel Design L63
Slat Spacing: 68mm
Permeability 63%
Panel Design L58
Slat Spacing 62mm
Permeability 58%
Panel Design L79
Slat Spacing: 83mm
Permeability 79%
Panel Design L63S
Slat Spacing: 68mm
Permeability 63%

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Aurora Fence Panels

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