BelAire is a Brand of Storetech Industries, Storetech Industries has been in business and family owned, and operated since 1974.

Our Mission

To make sure New Zealanders can be confident that their outdoor equipment and personal environment is secure and protected by offering New Zealand’s widest range of simple, modular fencing solutions while adhering to our core values.


To be recognised by the market as the number 1 ‘Trusted Advisor’ and ‘Go-to Company’ of outdoor essentials in privacy and security.

Our Journey

BelAire Designer Fencing is a brand of Storetech Industries Limited. Storetech Industries is a family business and has been operating since 1974, Storetech was originally started as Garden Master Sheds by John and Janice Carney back in 1974, Garden Master then became a company and the company name changed to Storetech Industries limited, and Garden Master became a brand of Storetech. By this time, Storetech was handed over to John and Jan’s 4 Boys, Tim, Ben, Peter and Andrew Carney.

Storetech wanted to become the number 1 outdoor specialists in adding value to New Zealand home owners most valuable assets, and to support them in the comfort of their own back yards, know-ing that their property and assets will be kept secure and private.

From here it grew, the 4 shareholders decided back in 2001 to add a complete fencing range to their offerings, so we first started with the solid panel fencing system, known as BelAire Solid Panel fencing. This was a new and revolutionary solid panel fencing system that we introduced to the New Zealand market. This targeted market of homeowners and property developers loved what we were doing, they could now start putting up their own solid wall system by themselves, and installing it to meet their exact preferences.

BelAire then started developing other systems and investigating other markets such as frameless glass fencing, slat fencing systems and other products in our Aluminium fencing range which also includes our most recent product release of oblique fencing.

Now in 2022 we have a team of 35 staff and constantly looking for new opportunities of expansion with product ranges to manufacturing premises. Check out our most recent team building event on August 31st 2022!

Throughout this journey, we have preserved a special piece of our history by recently restoring John’s Ford F100. The Ford F100 has been John’s prize possession since 1979 and has increased 10x in value since bought. As a company we decided to gift something back to our founder, John, this involved the restoration process and gifting the Ford F100 back as it was brand new for his 80th birthday. Keep your eye out for the restoration final video currently in creation! 

What We Do

Here at BelAire Designer fencing we are continuously developing fencing and balustrade systems that are easy for any home owner to install at a cost effective and economical price level. While maintaining a top quality New Zealand made product we have to ensure this will endure the harsh weather and UV conditions of New Zealand.

BelAire’s main products that we specialise in is the solid panel fencing, frameless glass fencing and balustrades and the aluminium slat fencing and privacy screens. These 3 products will serve most of the NZ market fencing requirements.

BelAire Fencing uses only the most trusted raw materials that have been proven to last for many years in New Zealand. We will not use any Timber or Plastic products in our fencing systems due to the commonly known results that come with these products, they look great for around 2 months and then are very easily weathered, will start to break down, warp, twist and rot.

The only real solution to solid panel fencing before the BelAire system was introduced to the market was solid concrete panel fencing and block and plastered walls, not only were they over engineered, they were also heavy, difficult to handle and caused major site works disruption. Concrete panel fencing had to be installed by specialists and also they became very dangerous in dangerous situations such as the Christchurch earthquake causing them to fall. 

Our Team

We are a team of 35 staff and are based in Napier, Hawke’s Bay, we have a highly dedicated team, that has been trained to go out of their way in customer satisfaction, you can see some of our awesome feedback here:
BelAire Designer Fencing - Google Page

We have a combined knowledge of over 150 years of fencing knowledge and experience that our Sales team can help you with.

Please take a look at our great range of products and we look forward to being involved in your proposed outdoor renovations!

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The Office

Our Values

1. Effort & Excellence
Always do our best and provide excellence in everything we do.

2. Transparency
Have open and honest communication with our clients about requirements, expectations, timelines and pricing.

3. Adaptive
Respect different viewpoints and working methods, and be flexible in our services for each individual client.

4. Empathy
Listen and understand. Be kind, honest and compassionate in words and actions.

5. Praise
Give out ‘gold stars’ freely.

6. Enjoy
Love what you do and have a good time, all the time and it will reflect in our work.

7. Creativity
Provide our clients with creative and innovative ideas to produce the best results possible. Challenge each other to think outside the box.

8. Passion
Display the passion needed to do our best and to succeed. Have a can-do attitude. Pass our enthusiasm on to our colleagues, our clients and our suppliers through our positivity.

9. Knowledge
Always look to expand our knowledge and improve our understanding of our areas of expertise, our client’s business, their industries and the marketplace to better serve our clients and continually evolve our company. When there is an area that falls outside of our scope, we bring in experts to ensure our clients are dealing with knowledgeable suppliers.

Charities We Support

BelAire Designer Fencing is proud to be a supporter of the schooling organisation established by the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church. This is a global private school, with 9,000 students, 126 campuses and over 2,000 staff and volunteers operating across 20 countries.

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We’re humbled to be a Smarrt Supporter of the Rapid Relief Team (RRT) NZ. RRT delivers hope and relief to people across the globe. Whether it be fire, flood or humanitarian need, RRT expands their support services to meet the crisis at hand.Established by the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church (PBCC) in 2013, RRT offers quality catering assistance and tangible support to charities, government and emergency services confronting some of humankind’s greatest challenges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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