BelAire Designer Fencing

BelAire is a Brand of Storetech Industries, Storetech Industries has been in business and family owned, and operated since 1974.

Our Mission

To make sure New Zealanders can be confident that their outdoor equipment and personal environment is secure and protected by offering New Zealand’s widest range of simple, modular fencing solutions while adhering to our core values.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do BelAire walls provide noise insulation?
How high can I have my wall?
How do I install my wall?
How long does it take to put a wall up?
Do I need Council approval?
Does my wall have a warranty?
Can I hang art on my wall?
Does my wall have to be painted immediately?
How strong are your walls?
Where can I order a BelAire wall?
Do panels come pre-finished?
Difference between light and classic walls?

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The BelAire brochures are filled with information about all our products, from pillars to screws, we have detailed every piece.

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