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BelAire Slat And Louvre Fencing

BelAire Slat V’s Traditional 65 x 16mm Slat Test:

See below or strength test of the BelAire 85 x 25 mm slat. What super strength was proven in this test when we loaded 69.3kgs onto the 85 x 25mm slat spanning 2400mm. The 65 x 16mm slat took a mere 30kgs before it crumpled to the ground. You will see in the bow in the pictures below that the BelAire Slat had a similar bow but not as much as the 65mm slat with only 25.2kgs loaded to it.

Try out slat fencing today or request a sample, you cant possibly go wrong.


BelAire slat and louvre fencing is a great cost-effective option where a degree of privacy and security is required.


Our powder-coated aluminium posts, channels and slats are very light, structurally very strong, and are supplied to you in a colour (or combination of colours) of your choice. It is important to note that our fencing, with 25mm wide slats, is superior in strength to some inferior fencing with 15mm wide slats.


Our slat and louvre fencing is designed to be assembled with ease. The posts can be concreted into post holes, or attached to existing walls or posts. BelAire slat fencing panels can be easily handled by two people, making them perfect for difficult-to-access areas such as back yards or annexed ground. We provide step by step self-install instructions that any competent DIY person should be able to follow, but if you’d rather get someone else to install it, we have a list of preferred installers throughout NZ. Call us on 0800 235 2473 and we will put you in touch with an installer in your area.


New Zealand-made and 10 year warranty information. Be assured that with very little maintenance your fence will give you great privacy and security for many years to come. Only the finest raw materials have been used in the construction of your fence. The suppliers of these raw materials state that they have a design life well in excess of 20 years. With this assurance we offer you a replacement warranty for any component of your new fencing if it fails within 10 years from date of purchase.

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Aluminium Slat And Louvre Fencing and Privacy Panels

A great option for a modern prefinished fence system, with the option of 5 different colours, Grey Friars, Ebony, Gull Grey, Slate Grey and Ironsand. BelAire slat and louvre fencing is made from Aluminium and is a great cost-effective
option where a degree of privacy and security is required, This system is an affordable, and adaptable system for the modern home, and is suited to a lot of different applications – swimming pool fencing, front boundary fencing, outdoor area, privacy screens and wind breaks.

Slat fencing is a new modern look, which looks great and has long lasting effects, and very simple unique modular kit set system.

Infill options

We can make different infills to go in between the boards, any custom design… come and talk to us.

Wall Specifications

Post dimensions: 60mm (deep) x 60mm (face) 0.95 mm BMT
Slat thickness: 25mm

Slat Height 85mm  (Standard) 60mm
Suitable for fence heights: 900mm – 2400mm
Post centres: 2400mm, 2700mm, 3000mm

Residential Specifications

Wall Features

  • Water Resistant
  • Pre finished – 5 colour options
  • Light weight
  • Strong and able to with stand the harshest NZ weather conditions

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