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Our systems are New Zealand designed and manufactured. Our patented solid Poly-Fibre Cement composite sandwich panels are designed to deflect noise, supported by a unique post system. We can work with you to tailor a site-specific solution to meet your requirements with minimal lead time.


The acoustic performance of our products has been evaluated by the Acoustics Research Group at the National Acoustic Laboratories. The BelAire Noise Barrier Acoustic Wall can reduce up to 28 decibels of noise. A comprehensive report is available on request.


  • Ideal for noise reduction fencing and visual screening
  • Add lighting, security cameras, and intercoms if required
  • Rated for all wind regions. Specific installation instructions supplied for cyclonic regions
  • Wall panels are 70mm thick
  • Post width 150mm and a post depth of 250mm. Panel spans/post centres of 2.5m or 2.8m
  • Wall heights of up to 5.1m for standard walls
  • Taller walls available on request

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A noise barrier is a solid structure that intercepts and reduces sound. Certain materials like solid metal can reflect sound waves and enhance the sound. Noise absorbing walls, on the other hand, effectively reduce noise. Our standard 70mm panel wall can reduce up to 28 decibels, and our double panel wall will reduce up to 39 decibels of sound.

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With each ten decibels increase, the sound is doubled. For example, 60 decibels to 70 decibels sounds twice as loud to the human ear. Our acoustic wall system works effectively to reduce sound. Consult with a BelAire expert to create maximum sound reduction for your property.

Download this document and read it in conjunction with the field test report below to ascertain what audible reduction you can expect.


BelAire walls are easy to assemble. Two people can easily handle the panels, and can on average put up 20 to 25 metres of 1.8-metro high BelAire Classic wall each day. This is the case even in difficult-to-access areas such as backyards or annexed ground.

There is no for heavy construction, digging equipment or cranos. BelAire provides step-by-step DIY Instructions that any competent DIY handyman should be able to follow. For a professional finish. BelAire encourages you to explore having your fence installed by an accredited professional, builder, or BelAire Installation technician.

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