Solid Panel Fencing

BelAire Solid Panel Acoustic Fencing from Commercial to Residential projects, Belaire have a great range of panel fences that are designed and tailored to suit NZ’ers most valuable assets.

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Glass Fencing and Balustrades

BelAire Frameless Glass Fencing and Balustrades, Creating a clear vision of uninterrupted views. Frameless glass is the least obtrusive option around swimming pools and outdoor areas where the wonderful views of nature need to be protected.

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The Belaire Slat fencing and privacy panels are the modern and sleek way to make you property or outdoor areas private, Being a complete aluminium system you can basically install and enjoy with no worries of any Rotting, Twisting, warping.

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BelAire specialises in:

Glass Fencing

BelAire glass fencing and balustrades are crystal clear, making any poolside a professional oasis.

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Aluminium & Screens

With both slat and Louvre options you can get a cost-effective degree of privacy and security on you property.

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Solid Panel Fencing

Our modular system is the most advanced available in New Zealand and is suitable for residential projects.

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The BelAire brochures are filled with information about all our products, from pillars to screws, we have detailed every piece.

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