Frameless Glass Fencing

Frameless glass fencing, our most popular line, is most commonly used as boundary fencing for residential pools. The BelAire glass is clear, strong and perfect to border your new pool. Glass fencing is the most modern and seamless choice you can make to surround your swimming pool. Our Glass fencing is compliant with all New Zealand standard up to Extra high wind zones, with PS1's available on request. Email us you plans and we can set you up with a new glass pool fence in no time with full stocks ready for delivery anywhere in NZ.

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Glass Balustrades and Fencing

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Panel dimensions:
300-1600mm (width) x 1200mm (height)
Panel thickness:
Glass Weight:
30kg per square meter

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Balustrade and Frameless Glass Fencing are available with spigots in a variety of styles to suit your specific project. Take a look at our options below.

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Rakaia Balustrade channel

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Polaris Hinges

Protect your loved ones by safeguarding your swimming pool with Polaris Glass Gate Hinges. Helpful information can be downloaded and watched below.

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Infill Options

Classic, Signature and Estate solid wall come with infill options in a variety of different styles to aid in visibility and design.

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Diagram of horizontal slat infills being installed.
Diagram of vertical slat infills being installed.
Diagram of glass infills being installed.
Diagram of solid panel slat infills being installed.

Oblique Fencing Configurations

Horizontal Slats 25mm Profile

Vertical Slat - Angle Mounted 25mm Profile

Horizontal Slats 46mm Profile

Horizontal Slats - Full Privacy 46mm Profile

Vertical Slat 46mm Profile

Powder-Coat Colours

You can choose the same colour for your posts, channels and slats, or any combination you wish.

We can also powder-coat the slats to any of the colours in the Dulux powder-coating chart at,


Gull Grey

Slate Grey

Grey Friars




Standard Powder-Coat Colours

Why Choose Slat And Louvre Fencing?

The BelAire 85 x 25mm slats and 135 x 35mm louvres have been developed to be stronger than most others on the market. you will see here how we have tested our 85 x 25mm BelAire slat next to a 65 x 16mm slat, the 16mm thick slat is a popular slat in the market, but as you will see how we could load up the 25mm thick slat with 63kgs of weight to get the same bend as the 16mm slats with a total weight of 25.2Kgs. The BelAire Aluminium Slat almost took 80kgs of weight to finally give in where the 16mm slat gave in at just under 30Kgs.
Wow what a difference, No wonder the BelAire slat can span up to 3000mm between posts with no additional center support.

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Image of slat fencing slats withstanding weight. Left Slat withstanding two 12.6 kilogram boxes. Left Slat withstanding four 12.6 kilogram box.
Image of slat fencing slats withstanding weight. Left Slat withstanding four 12.6 kilogram boxes. Left Slat withstanding one 12.6 kilogram box.

Noise Barrier

Our patented solid Poly-Fibre Cement composite sandwich panels are designed to reflect noise.
The acoustic performance of this product was evaluated by the Acoustics Research Group at the University of Canterbury and a comprehensive report is available on request.

Reduces up to 30 decibels of noise

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Illustration of car driving pass a wall and the sound it makes reflecting off the wall.


David Reid Homes

How could you install anything other than the BelAire Glass Fencing with this amazing views when the sun sets in the west.

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How strong is a frameless glass balustrade?

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Glass Balustrades and Fencing

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