Placing your order with BelAire Designer Fencing NZ

Placing your order

At the current Alert Level, our factory is open for manufacturing.

Across all areas of our business, we are maintaining a focus on health and safety and hygiene, to ensure we meet the government’s guidelines.

Urgent or essential orders
If you have any urgent requests or your project poses any H&S risks then please email

Your order will be deemed essential if it is a health and safety requirement, i.e. where fencing is used to prevent injury or harm. Examples of this include pool fencing (where there is a risk to life if a pool is not fenced off) or balcony balustrades (where there is a risk of falling if fencing is not in place).

If you would like to make an inquiry on our BelAire Fencing just fill in the quick inquiry form.

Thank you for your support.