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Featured Projects

At BelAire our goal is to work with you to deliver a wall that will not only address all your functional requirements, but will give you an exclusive style of your own, at an affordable price.


Brings to you the most advanced modular wall system available in New Zealand today. BelAire Designer Fences are made from materials that are lightweight, yet structurally strong.

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Our Featured Projects


Residential Boundary Wall

After completing their new home build, the owners of this house wanted to install a high wall to protect their property. The house is situated on a busy road, so privacy for the family was important, and safety for their small children was a priority.

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Swimming Pool Surround

The owners of this property were keen to redevelop the outdoor and poolside area. Soon after they moved in, they realised that it would be a major to put up a masonry wall around the pool, so they looked for an alternative.

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Residential Noise and Feature Wall

These clients approached BelAire with a specific style of wall in mind. Initially, they were after concrete block and plaster, but after thorough consultation decided to go with a BelAire wall.

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Napier City Council Wall

Napier City council has appointed Belaire Fencing for the new perimeter fencing for the control of noise and privacy for the New Parkalnds Estate. A total of 1500mtrs of fencing will be installed over the next 2 years.

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We are only as good as our products

Belaire Designer Fencing brings to you the most advanced modular wall system available in New Zealand today. From the manufacturing plant in Hastings, Belaire have supplied hundreds of modular wall fences to commercial and residential projects throughout New Zealand.

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