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Where can I order a BelAire wall?

The BelAire range can be ordered directly from our Designer Factory, and is also available through various distributors around New Zealand. We have mobile installation agents in most areas of New Zealand.

For enquiries, phone us on 0800 235 2473.

Do BelAire walls provide noise insulation?

Our walls are National Acoustic Laboratory tested and provide excellent noise reduction. Noise reduction is height dependent, so the higher the wall, the better the results. A comprehensive noise report is available on request.

What is the difference between light and classic walls?

Both have different size posts, and BelAire Classic walls have a thicker wall panel. See the specifications link for a detailed description. (link to spec sheet)

How high can I have my wall?

The BelAire Light Wall height range is 0.9m to 2.1m.
The BelAire Classic Wall height range is 0.9m to 3.0m
The Barrier Wall height range is 3.0m to 4.5m.

These heights apply for wind regions A and B. Please call us for specific wind region specs.

What finish can I have? Do the panels come pre-finished?

The panels and posts come in a raw, primed state ready to accept any finish. The wall can be painted, rendered, or texture painted. See sample finishes for a detailed description. We have carried out extensive testing and research in conjunction with Dulux New Zealand and Australia.

How do I install my wall?

Our fences and walls can be installed by one of our installation agents, a fencing contractor, your preferred builder, or those confident with DIY. Free technical advice is available 24/7.  An instructional video and printed instructions are also available here.

How long does it take to put a wall up?

On average, two people can put up 20 to 25 metres of 1.8-metre high traditional wall each day.

Do I need Council approval?

Every council is different, and we recommend you consult your local council. As our walls don’t use strip footings, generally you will only need to comply with relevant height regulations.

If your local council has any questions, we are happy to assist.

Does my wall have a warranty?

If installed by a recommended installer, or in line with our instructions, your wall and all associated components are covered against product failure for ten years.

Can I hang art on my wall?

Exterior art and fittings can easily be attached to BelAire walls. Please contact us for exact fixing methods.

Can I put a letterbox in my front wall?

Yes. On all wall styles, a letter box can be recessed into the wall panel (see the BelAire gallery for examples).

Does my wall have to be painted immediately?

No. All materials used are exterior grade, and the steel components are galvanised and primed. We recommend that you seal and paint the wall within six months of installation.

How strong are your walls?

Our wall panels have a strong laminated fibre cement face that has great impact resistance. Any severe impact that may bruise the wall can be easily repaired with exterior grade filler.

BelAire walls have been engineered to cope with up to wind region D wind speeds (Australia’s highest wind region).

Load Testing (NT-DTC Requirement)

  • Panel Load testing was carried out under supervision by a Cyclonic certifying structural engineer to comply with the Northern Territory DTC requirements.
  • The panel was supported at either end and uniformly loaded and the deflection was measured at every layer of bricks.
  • The 70mm panel had a load rating of 750 kg. See pictures below.

How much concrete will I need to use?

We recommend you use bagged quick set or post hole mix concrete if you are a DIY customer.

  • A BelAire Light wall with an average height of 1.8m high will require approximately 60 kg per post hole.
  • A BelAire Classic with an average height of average 1.8m high will require approximately 60 to 80 kg per post hole.


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