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Commercial Fencing Solutions

Get privacy, security, sound proofing and noise insulation for your commercial premises, roadway, or construction site with an aesthetically pleasing barrier wall. Choose from our Permanent Sound Wall, Acoustic Wall, or Sound Proof Wall.


Commercial Fencing

Commercial Solid Wall Fencing

Install a barrier wall for aesthetically pleasing privacy, security, sound proofing and noise insulation. Barrier walls are ideal for commercial premises, roadways, or construction and exploration sites. Avoid high construction costs with our fast installation system. With over a thousand projects completed, BelAire is the industry leader for innovative wall solutions.

Barrier, Noise & Acoustic Fencing

A Noise Barrier Wall is designed to provide privacy, security, and noise abatement in aesthetically pleasing design. Ideal for noise attenuation walls, acoustic fences, estate boundaries and security walls, the BelAire system is fast and easy to install.

Installation Guides

BelAire walls are easy to assemble. Two people can easily handle the panels, and can on average put up 20 to 25 metres of 1.8-metre high BelAire Classic wall each day. This is the case even in difficult-to-access areas such as backyards or annexed ground.

There is no need for heavy construction, digging equipment, or cranes. BelAire provides step-by-step DIY Instructions that any competent DIY handyman should be able to follow. For a professional finish, BelAire encourages you to explore having your fence installed by an accredited professional, builder, or BelAire Installation technician.

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